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Rapid Transformational Therapy is a unique combination of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy developed by the renowned and award winning Therapist Marisa Peer.

Hello and welcome to the Michael Conlon Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) website.  A little bit about RTT….. Over her thirty years experience of resolving personal problems, relieving pain and restoring personal power, freedom and self love and enabling people to realise joy in life and their full potential, Marisa Peer has designed a revolutionary system that uses hypnotherapy and is capable of treating the most difficult of fears and phobias. 

Michael Conlon, BA: PGD CDRS: CTG: C. Hyp: CPPD: RTT has been trained by Marisa Peer and is a graduate of the Marisa Peer Academy and is experienced in hypnotherapy and has treated many clients using fast and effective Rapid Transformational Therapy. This revolutionary therapy resolves the majority of problems in one 90 minute to 2 hour session.

I look forward to meeting and working with you in the near future.

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The Process

Step One: Telephone Consultation

  1. Receive a free, no obligation telephone consultation. 
  2. This will give you the opportunity to outline your problem, ask any questions and express any concerns.
  3. If you feel that Rapid Transformational Therapy isn’t right for you, that is completely fine.

Please call 086 608 4820 or use our contact form for this free consultation and/or to make an appointment. 

Step Two – Book Your Session

  1. It can take place in-person – a) at one of my offices; b) other venue; c) Online via Skype or Zoom or d) in some cases by special arrangement at your home.
  2. Prior to the session I will send you a confidential client intake form and consent form which you must complete and return online, via ‘jotform’ or by email.
  3. Session should be paid in advance where possible.

Step Three- Your RTT Session

  1. Your session will take place over 90 minutes to 2 hours maximum
  2. You will be made comfortable and relaxed.
  3. Using hypnotherapy, you will be directed into a hypnotic state (this is just a state of deep relaxation in which you can by-pass your conscious mind).
  4. I will direct you and may use some of nine possible ‘tools’ including regression (leading you to identify issues from your earlier and present life, giving rise to or having a bearing on your present problems) and lead you to a resolution of your problem.
  5. Towards the end of the session, a specially tailored recording of about 15 to 20 minutes duration will be made for you.

Step Four – Listen to the Recording

  1.  I will email you a personalised recording made during your therapy session. You can download this to your smartphone or computer. It is vital that you listen to this recording once per day for approximately 21 days.
  2. I will check in with you regularly via telephone and/or email following our session.

Step Five – Number Of Sessions

The vast majority of clients resolve their issue in one session but in some instances, a second and third session is required (this is rare) and if so this can be arranged.


What People are Saying

a life without anxiety….This therapy is amazing

I now have a life without anxiety and the depression that prolonged anxiety brings with it. Thank you so much Michael. I was seeing a psychotherapist weekly for years and taking medication. I had tried CBT and lots of other things to try and cope with life. In two hours of Rapid Transformational Therapy I unearthed the rather horrific root cause of my anxiety and have gained freedom from it. This therapy is amazing.

Ann P. Leitrim

free of my fear of speaking in public

Under Michael’s guidance in one short RTT session and listening to a recording especially made for me for about twenty days, I am free of my fear of speaking in public and can participate fully in meetings at work and with clients. This makes a big difference for me.

Patrick B. Sligo

stopped smoking following one RTT session

I have stopped smoking following one RTT session with Michael. I had tried everything ‘under the sun’ to do so over the last few years and nothing worked for me except this. Thank you very much. I highly recommend Rapid Transformational Therapy, it certainly works.

Rory McA, Mayo  

Are you ready to transform your life?